PolkaDot Mushroom Bar


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Buy PolkaDot Mushroom Chocolate bar

Buy PolkaDot Mushroom Bar from our store at BUY MAGIC MUSHROM UK and get the best quality infused mushroom. We have all types of chocolate bars you may want. And we sell and deliver them at low fast and fast delivery. If you wish to know more about polkadot mushroom chocolate bars please read more bellow.

What Are  PolkaDot Chocoate Bar?

Polkadot magic mushroom chocolate bars are infused with 4g of magic mushroom blend. This crunch bar features light, airy rice crispies covered in rich, creamy Belgian Milk Chocolate. Equivalent to 4g Psychedelic Mushrooms, you can dose yourself following the dosage guide on the back of the package. As one of the oldest and safest natural medicines in the world, health benefits from magic chocolate have been known to reduce stress and depression, stimulate brain cell growth, increase focus, and sharpen your senses. These Polkadot bars are great for both mindful microdosing and an all-out elevated experience, it just depends on how much you choose to eat. We offer several different chocolate blends that are vegan, organic, lactose free, gluten free and 100% natural.

As such if you are interested to buy mushroom or mushroom chocolate bara you can visit our store to place your order now.  However if you are looking for where to buy PolkaDot Mushroom Bar then you are just at the right place.


It takes 20 – 30 minutes after consuming these polkadot bars to start experiencing its hallucinogenic effects. Changes normally starts with your eyes vision and your surrounding and also feeling like time is change. You will have sparkles of shining lights opening up, giving you a strange experience commonly known as the psychedelic trip, making you happy.

The benefits of mushroom chocolate bars are so many, in relation to the substance psilocybin. People suffering from PTSD, Panics and Anxiety attacks now uses magic shrooms as a natural remedy.

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars is an effective method of curing people who are suffering with alcohol and tobacco addictions.

The most notable effect is the mind altering effect you experience after consuming any mushroom product.

Mushroom chocolate bars helps to provide sleep. People suffering with insomnia uses it to help them sleep deep.

If you feel pain around your back or waist, polkadot chocolate bars are great substitutes for pain relieving drugs.

Shroom chocolate bars provides a level of calmness and relieves your body of ant stress or tension.

In Conclusion, psilocybin and psilocin from psychedelic mushrooms have been known to reduce stress, depression, stimulate brain cell growth, increase focus, and sharpen your senses.



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