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Buy good trip bars online from BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM UK one of the best place to shop all type of mushroom and mushroom chocolate bars. We are based in UK and have branches in countries like Australia , Canada , USA and many others where they can buy magic mushroom. And Good trip bar or good trip mushroom chocolate bar is just one of the various types of mushroom chocolate bar for sale here. We have many types of magic mushroom and bars for a good trip. However our focused on this page is the good trip chocolate bar for micro dose. Bellow are more details about buy good trip mushroom bar.

What is Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Good trip chocolate bars is one of the famous and good magic mushroom chocolate bar created from the coming of micro dosing. It is a brand that takes you on a delightful expedition through the world of premium chocolate. Also , t was rafted with passion and expertise.  The delectable treats are design to provide an extraordinary sensory experience. From the first bite to the last, Good Trip Chocolate bar  invites you to embark on a memorable journey .

Good trip bars were released in 2019 and quickly rose to popularity and any one who ever think chocolate bar remembers good trip bars. For many who want to buy good trip chocolate bars knows what its worth. However its is good to know that there different flavors of good trip bars. Some of this flavors will be listed below.

Types of Good Trip Bar Flavors

Before buying good trip bars you need to know the flavors we have available for sale . This is because many want to buy magic mushroom but do not know which to get. Below are list of the flavor we have for good trip chocolate bar for sale.

  1. Good Trip Cinnamon Toast Chocolate
  2. Good Trip cookies and cream
  3. Good Trip Dark Chocolate
  4. Good Trip marshmallow charms
  5. Good Trip milk chocolate
  6. Good Trip mushroom bars wholesale
  7. Good Trip mushroom capsules
  8. Good Trip mushroom cocoa crunch

For those who always buy good trip chocolate bar you would know which flavor you want. However for those who are just beginning we can provide you recommendation on which flavor to take . Also for pictures of how the flavors look like click Here >> Good trip Bars

Benefits of Good Trip Chocolate Bar

Just like many other mushroom chocolates, the good trip chocolate bars have medical benefits that range from pain relieve to combatting insomnia and depression. Also its has and average 4-5 hour trip duration for micro dosing making it very beneficiary for those who want to buy good trip bars for micro dosing.


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