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Buy Space Caps Mushroom Bar 

Space caps chocolate bar for sale at a very low price at BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM UK. This is one of the best selling mushroom site to buy magic mushroom online. In recent years the rapid increase in micro dosing across youths in countries such as UK,CANADA and USA has brought the production of so many chocolate infused mushroom. Space caps milk chocolate being one of the most recently developed psilocybin mushrooms comes with a distinct and unique taste. These space caps chocolate are one of the most popular and best selling pyschedelic mushrooms in the market right now. The chocolate infused mushroom where created in early 2021 and have grown rapidly in recent months. This mushroom infused chocolate bars bring you an experience like no other and open the doors that have been locked forever with space caps.

The Effects of Space Caps Bars

Just like any other drug or medication , Space caps chocolate bar has its side effects. The effects of this infused mushroom chocolate are quite similar to when consuming cannabis directly. However the chocolate bars provide the best of both worlds by combining the delicious taste of milk chocolate with the high got from smoking cannabis. Space caps are proven to be of great help and impact medicinally. The effects got from the consumption of space caps milk bars include:

  • Help stimulate the growth of new brain cells
  • Sooth Anxiety
  • Decrease depression
  • They also deliver a powerful pyschedelic experience

This are just a few of the effects of consuming this chocolate bars. Like mushroom chocolate bars we do not recommend consuming this bars if you plan to perform any activities that require mental work or quick reaction time. Consume slowly in a safe environment. The high generally last for about 2-3 hours depending on your tolerance levels and quantity consumed.

Where To Buy Infused Mushroom Chocolate Online

They are many places online that claim to sell authentic Milk chocolate. Most of these are fake and sell locally crafted infused mushroom chocolate bars. We recommend you make purchase from a licensed dispensary like ours. We get our chocolate bars directly from space caps milk chocolate manufacturers. When ever you feel the need to try and experience a good psychedelic mushroom experience, here at trippyflip we ensure you can get your derive micro dosing experience. We are currently receiving a great lot of reviews from several of our amazing clients.

Space Cap Chocolate Flavors

We have available a few variety of amazing flavors for all our customers in the market. The space cap mushrooms have a few variety of flavors which include;

  • Space Caps White Chocolate
  • Space Caps Strawberries & Cream
  • Reeses (Peanut Butter)

This exotic flavors are made with a rich creamy milk chocolate. Experience the fastest growing psilocybin bar on the market. Space caps have been known to reduce anxiety, depression and stimulate brain cell growth. For best results consume with immaculate views an experince like no other takes you right back to space.

However , Having read the above details we can also say that you are just at the right place to buy magic mushroom online. You can place your order on the store or you can also message us on WhatsApp for details.


4 reviews for Space Caps Chocolate Bar

  1. James Nichoison

    I would give this guys a 100% delivering chocolate bar from UK to Australia was really not easy but getting it to me in just 4 days was amazing i will give it to them

  2. Josse Hernasa

    They are not entirely good as they claim to be US while they are in actually in UK and its not good lying to customers and i had to wait for 4 days before i could get my mushroom that was really long

  3. Brigh

    Yes they are the best side that supply magic mushroom within UK i have been buying from them for that 8 months now no failure or delay with my order

  4. Jhon R

    Am Jhon Roberts not afraid to exposing my name and my instagram name is @jhon_roberts__ this guys are legit and very good with what they sell . they give me the best micro dose. I stand to vouch for them any time any where

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